When the matter is building a nearshore team, many world-class businesses look at Portugal as the right site for a highly successful nearshore operation.

Outsourcing IT projects have gained strength over the years, the fear that many companies had of losing control and the assumption that great work can only be done on-site locations are changing.  More than ever, executives see the benefits of establishing a nearshore team, acknowledging the increase of efficiency and the overall distinguished performance that outsourcing providers can bring. When it comes to handing over your IT project, the right nearshore team will achieve cost reduction and will focus on faster scalability processes. This is what you need to know!

The right outsourcing partner

If you’re set on Portugal as the destination for your endeavor, it’s time to browse the market for the right outsourcing partner which will, without a doubt, play a decisive role in the success of your operation.  Such an impact on your business future demands extensive research. Therefore, before deciding who will be the ideal provider of your nearshore team there are a few things to look for:

  • Proven experience in delivering services you are searching for is a must;
  • Seek references from current and former clients as to determine the consistency of the service quality, technical skills, methodology and compliance of deadlines;
  • Visit your potential partner's site, check for equipment, the quality of the infrastructures and more importantly, if the means for scalability exist;
  • A positive aspect is your potential partner's openness and availability for meetings, doubts, and disposal for receiving you on their site at any day or time;
  • Verify that you will have a nearshore team fully dedicated only to your project and ensure regular communications are a common practice.

No more recruitment & HR headaches

As you know, everything starts with people, in other words, talent. To make sure your project is as successful as can be, highly skilled professionals are needed and finding these individuals can be a monumental and time-consuming task. Of course, there are services such as  IT recruiters and headhunters that can deliver the talent you need. However, it doesn't come cheap. In the case of a nearshore provider, such as Nearshore Portugal, this won't be a problem since it's your providers main role to deliver the experts you need with no extra costs.

After recruitment comes HR, followed by schedules, training sessions, pay and legal papers, among many other time-consuming tasks. On the other hand, having the right nearshore partner will take all these concerns away since it’s your provider’s function to set up the nearshore team as well as handling the above details, removing the time factor from your hands.

EU data regulations

By choosing a partner within the EU you will have a better knowledge of economic systems and financial legislation and will benefit from the same regulations spread throughout the EU. All outsourcing projects need regulations and data management is no different. However, if you are more inclined to nearshore outside the European Union, it’s crucial to partner with a company that is experienced and knowledgeable of the legal system outside Europe where different regulations may exist from country to country.

In essence, outsourcing IT projects is a growing industry practice that focuses on saving time and money to provide a faster and more scalable method for businesses. This can only be possible by with an advantageous partner who is familiarized with delivering an experienced and dedicated nearshore team, as well as ensuring all management and regulations, allowing you to focus on the direction of your business and the best route to success.