As you might have noticed, we are Nearshore Specialists, experts in nearshoring software development and with this post, we want to share with you some of our best advice to ensure the success of your project.

Focus on Goals!

Successful businesses are based on trust, so you have to trust that what your vendor wants is what’s best for your business. Focus on your business/project goals and let your Nearshore partner implement their way of working.

Get involved!

Even if your vendor has the experience and expertise needed to deliver great products, you still need to remain involved! Nobody knows better your business than you do, and for that reason, your commitment will have a real impact on the final product.

Choose the right company!

One of the main factors for Nearshore success is the vendor’s choice. It’s important to look for companies with knowledge and experience, who will always strive to deliver the best nearshoring software development solutions, according to industry’s best practices.

To learn how to choose your Nearshore partner read our blog post “7 tips choosing your Nearshore Partner”.


Communication is key in any business relationship. You should clearly express your needs and expectations to your Nearshore team, only this way can you guarantee that they work with your goals in mind and deliver the greatest service.

Are you looking for the right nearshoring software development partner? Here, at Nearshore Portugal, we have 250 of the best IT talents working from Lisbon in top projects around Europe with over 30 technologies. Give us a call to hear more about our very competitive rates and great results!