Bruno Gomes is 37 years old and is a Senior Node.js Developer fullstack at Nearshore Portugal. He walked a long path before learning how to code: from working at a fashion store to being a bank employee. He graduated in Psychology and worked in criminal psychology area to later engage in Human resources.

Bruno became a self-taught developer. Not so long ago, when he was 27, he started reading a lot about coding and started in a ten month intensive course. He fully committed himself into learning development and later became a consultant at Findmore. Developing skills as a consultant gave him the necessary experience to feel comfortable working at Nearshore Portugal, a scenario that involves international companies. At the moment, he is working for a Danish client and describes the project as the one that enjoyed the most, for the following reasons: he is working with an experienced team, the project is dynamic and open to suggestions, there is learning potential and structured feedback.