Nearshoring is a valuable solution for software companies around the world, adding value through expert and knowledgeable professionals, resulting in tailored solutions for a demanding market. However, problems will always persist in the pursuit of innovation. The question is: in what way can nearshoring support the challenges faced by businesses?

New technology is constantly being developed, which translates into the need of having the time to learn it, apply it and ultimately, master it. However, realistically, it’s not always easy to learn a new technology or have the availability to train your in-house team, nor is it feasible to assume that your team has expertise in every area of demand. When it comes to adapting to new technologies, organizations face three challenges. Once grasped, what was a challenge will soon become a path for an opportunity.

Grasping the new technology

Let’s face it, with so many rising technologies coming into the market, it isn’t possible to stay up-to-date to every new thing and, as said previously, it’s not viable to expect your team to implement flawlessly a “just on the market” technology. So, what can you do? On one hand, you need to keep up with your competitors and above all, to innovate so you can keep delivering the best service to your customers. On the other hand, there’s the need to start applying this new tech in projects. The answer is a nearshore provider but not just any provider, what you need is an experienced partner that executes the best practices, as we explained in our article: The value of the right nearshore team.

A nearshore team comprises of a seasoned group of people that understands your needs, your costumers and the technology. Partnering with nearshore experts means you’ll reduce your costs since you’ll be outsourcing, avoiding re-training your in-house team, as well as buying licenses, hardware, and overall, ensuring you have the needed infrastructures. At the end of the day, all of this translates into less time and less money spent and all thanks to a team that knows the tech and the paths.

Acquiring top-notch talent

Finding the best talent for your project is a must. Be that as it may, with so many headhunters and companies with above-average competitive rates and benefits, hiring an individual with the right skill set can be a very difficult task and an expensive one as well. IT outsourcing companies such as Nearshore Portugal have seasoned specialists and teams, experienced in providing the ideal solution for businesses. These teams can benefit organizations tremendously through their innovate thinking and understanding of technologies, problem-solving skills, and forward-thinking, providing an advantage. As a plus, it is less costly to acquire talent from an outsourcer than to hire one since you may only need an expert for a specific period of time.

Budget discipline

At one stage or another, the velocity that a company needs to grow can achieve maximum levels, which in turn can make the costs of training your in-house team a costly operation due to the rapid growth. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your team can master all the necessary knowledge at the required speed, which will be necessary for future projects. Usually, companies have a set budget for a project which may not be viable to keep due to the speed vs learning time of the in-house IT staff. How can you tackle this issue? Nearshore experts are all about adapting to a time-frame and a budget while still providing the same support. You’ll still get the A-team or expert you need while matching your requirements.

In short, nearshore supports businesses through experts, experienced in the technological requirements of organizations and ultimately, a dedicated partnership. Providing a service-based on innovation and the future. Working closely with companies such as Nearshore Portugal translates into a wide range of professionals for all tech necessities, resulting in a booming business.