If you’re looking for the right Nearshore Partner in Lisbon to help you develop your nearshore team with the skillset you seek, we tell you why Nearshore Portugal is the answer!

With over ten years of experience in an ever-demanding and changing market, we at Nearshore Portugal know that helping clients develop their Nearshore team, or for that matter, team’s across Europe, is much more than solely delivering the right talent.  It takes a combination of factors that cannot be dismissed, from location and know-how to market experience, among many more.

Why Lisbon should be your first choice for Nearshore

More than ever, Lisbon is becoming a star player in Europe, an example of internal investment, technological growth, development of a large qualified talent pool, and quality technological infrastructures, while at the same time, incubating businesses that have become international success stories and Lisbon serves as the main stage of it all. Besides the many multinational giants that have established their home in the capital, such as Google, Microsoft, IBM and Mercedes-Benz with its new tech hub, there are other well-known brands take are surfing the wave of development, such as Volkswagen. Although already present in Portugal with of one Europe’s largest factories, VW has announced its investment in a software development center in the capital, focused on of cloud-based software solutions. The placement of these giants from multiple industries comes down to what has been foreseen by many: Lisbon as one of Europe’s leading tech centers and this is not by sheer luck.

Portugal has passed numerous business-friendly policies. Those policies, together with a competitive economic environment and the quality talent coming out of Portuguese universities, such as Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Universidade Católica de Portugal and ISCTE, among many others, are leading companies of all sizes to set up shop thanks to variety of being delivered right to their doorstep. Transforming both Porto and specifically Lisbon, into a technological gathering, attracting the world’s attention and the leading tech events, such as the biggest technological conference in the world, the Websummit.

As we said previously, the reason to establish your Lisbon Nearshore operation comes down to a composite of characteristics, specifically, key advantages, and as a nearshore outsourcing provider, we know all about it!

Location and language

As you might have guessed it when it comes to establishing a nearshore operation, location is crucial, and Portugal’s geographical placement plays a major role. Being the most western country of continental Europe, gives Portugal proximity to many countries, ensuring not just a strong presence in the international IT industry but also sharing similar time zones, such as with London. Apart from Lisbon’s airport being in the heart of the city, the countries location allows clients to experience less costly and time-consuming travels, as well as effortless communication with minimized hurdles thanks to Portugal’s English proficiency, an admirable 12th place awarded by the EF EPI 2019. Plus, being the 7th most spoken language in the world makes Portugal a top performer in language skills, holding an exemplary ability to work in cross-border environments, translating into a perfect solution for a remote nearshore development team.

Technological Infrastructures

With its growing scientific and technological fields, Portugal is one of the European countries at the forefront of expanding both in telecommunications (broadband, fiber optics) and data centers, for the storage of large volumes of data and applications. The adoption of new technologies is due to its internal investment and community of IT professionals, among the most skilled, knowledgeable, and productive workforce when compared to other international elites. In fact, according to the IMD World Talent Ranking 2019, Portugal ranks 23rd, above countries such as United Kingdom, France, Poland, and Japan, among others.

Security and Quality of Life

Although location, language, tech investment and modern infrastructures are crucial, security and, quality of life are equally important for an optimal nearshore team and with Nearshore Portugal, you got it. This plays such an important role that Portugal’s qualified talent pool of expats is increasing. Currently, the country has a solid 3rd position on the Top Expat Destinations 2019. Additionally known for being the 3rd safest country in the world, a rank awarded by the 2019 Global Peace Index, Portugal offers social, political, and economic stability. This is one of the main reasons that several international companies chose the country, for its known security and laws focused on protecting Intellectual Property Rights Frameworks.

Setup your Team in Lisbon with Nearshore Portugal!

At Nearshore Portugal, we offer a complete TAAS (Team as a Service) which gives our clients the best of solutions for their software development. We focus on augmenting your in-house IT staff with experienced and specialized developers that fill the skills gap in your staff, providing you with greater control over the project.

Through our specialized team extension model, we provide companies of all sizes with a blend of seasoned tech talent aligned with your requirements. Our TaaS provides businesses with greater flexibility and unlike the traditional outsourcing approach, it allows companies to create the model that works best for them. You define the tech stack, the working methodology, and the team size, allowing also for scaling up and scaling down within certain rules. Again, this is your team, as if they were your employees, but without all the hassle inherent to HR management. These outstanding professionals become your resources to manage, adopting your company culture, methodologies, practices, and vision.
All of this comes together to deliver to you the perfect Lisbon Nearshore solution, adjusted to your requirements, experienced in turning obstacles into solutions.

If you’re interested to find out more about how we can support your in-house IT team with the right tech talent and what advantage we bring to the table, check this article: Team Extension Model: Your Nearshore Solution!